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Author Websites

I am now offering fantastic author websites with the help of a graphic designer friend, Craig ( We make wonderful, unique single static pages, that have everything potential readers would need on one page!

Whatever your genre, whatever style you want to portray to readers, we will make a fantastic hub page that so you can show all your info in once place.

Click to see some of our examples below.

Stunning Single Page Designs

At present we're only offering single static webpages which we will edit for you, so they always look great and it frees up more time for you to write! And they'll be designed in the same set layout as the above examples, but with totally unique eye-catching designs and personal to you. Here's what we include:

Background Image

A design that gets across a nice mood or a concept linked to your books. Whatever you want.

Logo-style Header

We'll make a classy header with some sort of logo-style name.

Top Ad Banner

This can advertising an upcoming book, or link through another page, or even your blog.

Social Media & Email Links

At the top we'll put minimal links through to your social media and email address.

Mailing List Submission Box

If you have a mailing list, we can have a submit to link through to your mailing provider.

Your Books with Relevant Links

Obviously you need all your books on there with relevant links to all places where they can be read! If you have more than 8 books it is a little more expensive for the extra work that would take. And this number is the book we're putting on at the start. All extra books that needed adding after we've designed the site will be incur a fee.

A Short Biography and Author Picture

To tell your readers a little about yourself.

How It Works

Below you'll see how this all works:

1. You Need Some Sort of Hosting & Domain Name

This is not included in the price, or something we sort out, as it's something that would be need to renewed annually. I personally use Net Nerd but there are lots of options out there, such as GoDaddy, A2, Bluehost, etc. You will not be able to host our websites on places which already do websites, such as Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress. It just has to be a domain name + webspace hosted somewhere regularly. Give Craig an email of you're unsure about this and he'll help you out.

2. Order Away Using the Button Above

Which will take you to PayPal to pay 50%.

3. Give Craig a Shout with All Your Information

Once paid, email all the information we require to Craig ( - there is a list you can copy and paste here. You can take as long as you want to get everything together. Not a problem.

4. We'll Build a Draft of the Site

And show you it. Tell Craig any changes you want to make, and we'll work on it till you're 100% happy.

5. Pay the Remaining Balance

Send the other 50% and we'll upload the website to your domain name for you. Job done!

6. Launch a New Book or Want to a New Banner Ad

Simply come back to this page and order away. And we'll do the design and upload it for you. And if you have text changes you want made to the site just tell us and we'll make them for free (as long as you're not abusing this).

If you have any questions about Author Website design then please give Craig a shout at

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