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Super Secret Sale! Ends 30th June.
Pre-made Covers $20 (Usually $50)

So you got past me reverse psychology and got into the super secret part of my site! Well done. So till the end of June 2017 all pre-made cover that you see on my site are a great, flat price of $20 (usually $50 - saving you $30!). Order as many as you want and you don't have to title them straight away. There are thousands to choose from.

How it works:

1. Go Look Through The Site!

There's loads of good covers to choose from, rember to note down the numbers of the covers you like! And check all the categories.

2. Click on the Amount of Covers You've Found you Want to Buy!

It will take your through to PayPal (pay via PayPal, credit card or debit card).

3. Email me your information.

Once you have paid using the buttons above, I need you to send a separate email to with the following info:

- cover number or numbers (PLEASE double check these to make sure they're right) ;

- your author name; book's title; any other text you want on the cover;

   (if you don't know this yet or what to save the cover to title later ... no problem).

- who referred you, or how you heard of Go On Write;

- and your PayPal email address, so I know where the payment has come through from.

4. I make the changes to the cover(s).

If you've given me the text then I change the 'dummy' text on the pre-made book cover(s) of you have ordered to your text. If you want to earmark the cover till later you still get a copy for your records with the dummy text still on there.

5. I send the file.

I send through the file ready to upload to Kindle (and/or the untitled covers you've ordered). Within 48 hours. If you need any changes after that just tell me and I'll make them till you're 100% happy.


If you have an questions before you order then please check the FAQ, if you don't find the answer there just give me a shout at, all queries are answer as fast as humanly possible, usually the same day.

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