My Music

Bar Brutal Band is the moniker that I'm currently recording all my solo music under. It's a heady mix of the irreverant, the dark, the seductive, the angry, and the romantic. Covering a wide breadth of styles and influences, from playful electro punk to the darkly disturbing lullabies, and every emotive moment in between.

Emperor's New Socks was born out my year in Prague living with my good friend Jake. We made tracks together to amuse one another and it took shape as a joke art project, which doesn't take great leap of smarts given our name. It should come with the following disclaimer: always different, and interesting, but never right.

Arth & Arth is the now-defunct band that I formed with my younger brother. We recorded two albums, taking turns on song writing, playing and singing duties. Both becoming a mix of the classic singer / song-writer form distorted through a digital lens. The band ceased to exist back in early 2018. There are no plans to reform.

Slowly Fucking the Yellow Pillow

I Don't Want to Hear it Until It's Perfect
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It's All Been Done Before ... Until Now
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