Fall in love with chaos, with darkness, with desire. Fall in love with the men who want everything – and who will stop at nothing to claim what is theirs.

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Alien Beast

He’s a hero who is broken beyond repair. She’s a human who has the worst luck in the world. When the tour ship she’s on malfunctions and crash-lands on the wrong planet, she’s thrust into the middle of a war: one neither one of them has any interest in. Then everything changes, and she’s captured by the alien beast.

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Alien Dragon

I’m on the last ship out and I’m headed for the dragon world. There’s just one problem: they don’t want humans there. Traveling to this planet is my last hope, my last chance at survival. I’ll do whatever it takes. When I finally reach my destination and I see the alien dragons for the first time, I realize I’m in way over my head, and I don’t know if my heart is ready for this.

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Star Princess

Max is on an artifact retrieval mission, but he doesn’t realize exactly what’s been smuggled until it’s too late. The goods aren’t treasure or gold. Nope, the smugglers have stolen the most beautiful woman Max has ever seen. Diana is scared, terrified, and injured, but Max sees beauty where everyone else only sees pain. Will she be brave enough to let Max love her? Is he strong enough to stay with her through the darkness?

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Resting Bear Face

Chloe walked away from her high-powered career to find something better. She went looking for a fresh start, but she didn’t expect to find a mystery… or a handsome bear shifter. Ace is nothing like she imagined and everything she’s dreamed about. Will she have a chance to prove herself to the handsome shifter? Or will her world crumble before she shoots her shot?

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Polar Bears of the Air Force

Everyone deserves a happily ever after, and polar bears are no exception. Being in the military means a lot of things: long hours, late nights, and moving to far away places. It also means that finding a mate can seem completely impossible. Fortunately for these Air Force heroes, they’ve got destiny on their side. They’re wild. They’re wonderful. They’re polar bears.

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Honeypot Darlings Omnibus

Hope needs something new. Savannah has a secret. Evelyn wants a fresh start. For all three women, Honeypot holds the answers they’re looking for. Are they brave enough to try? In this collection, readers will enjoy all three Honeypot Darlings books in their entirety.

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Shifters at Law

A woman who fears for her life + a man who will do anything to save the one he loves + a woman with a haunting past + a killer who’s after the one woman he can never have + a child whose father doesn’t know she exists = shifters at law.

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The Fablestone Clan

In the forest, there is a secret... I’m not anyone special. I’m just me. But when I’m given a baby and secret instructions to help it get back to a mysterious dragon clan, I don’t have any choice but to help. I’ll do anything to save this kid. Anything. But the forest is dark, and it’s dangerous, and I’m only human. So begins my quest for the FABLESTONE CLAN.

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Sophie Stern loves white chocolate mochas and writing on rainy days. She likes traveling to far-away places and writing about imaginary worlds. Her favorite animals are cats and pandas and there’s a special place in her heart for Dragonite. Her books feature sassy women who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they want and the men who love them just as they are.

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