The Silent World series takes you on a
crazy adventure around the galaxy
where nothing is as it seems:
up is down, left is right and chips are fish

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A Silent World : Book One
Colony Ten

Many centuries ago the whole of Yorkshire settled the tenth Earth colony on Alpha Epsilon Nineteen. To, Arth Scarpole, it, all he, every known, but he dreams of one day roaming the galaxy like his hero Billy Bignuts but alas he's confined to working on a farm and tending to the squivels and wibbles, until a mysterious robot name Dave comes to town, setting in motion a series of events that won't be stopped. Not even by his ma and da. Oi oi!

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A Silent World : Book Two
Don’t Do It

Our hapless, but dashing, hero Arthur Scarpole is trapped on the sister planet for a crime he didn’t commit. But he soon learns that on Twenty they do things a bit differently and soon find's himself imprison by the dredded Gordies, who make him work in their Brown Ale factories, until Dave turns up again and they're off on more adventures. But this time with a brand new accent.

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A Silent World : Book Three
Bubble Ups

In the Southern most planet of the solar system there is an evil presence, but there is also a lovely lass that Arthur Scarpole is desperate to meet: McGee. With the help of Dave his best friend robot they hatch a plan that will either work or won't work. It doesn't work. But that's not the point. Because in the process Arthur discovers the power of The Burps’ a secret archane magic that has been dead since the fall of King Paul Daniels.

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A Silent World : Book four
Solar Winds

You'll like this book, not a lot, but you'll like it. With the power of beans, the Blain-o-sphere and ‘The Burps’ Arthur sets off to planet Beans to follow the delicious ballet dancer McGee McDebbie (stage name) but soon discovers that ‘The Burps’ can be reversed at this stage and sent into the sun. Will he ever find McGee? What happend to David the Robot? How will he ever be a true Yorkshireman again? Ay-up.

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Daniel O’Peter has been writing all his life, since the age of zero when his first story was ‘Go Go Ga Ga’ and moved from strength to strength since then. He currently works as a VFX artist (that’s Video FX) and has a dog called ‘Spock’ and when he’s not writing he’s playing Crazy Taxi on the Sega Dreamcast.

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