Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless
garden when the flowers are dead.


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A Royal Tale of Sexiness
Lady Spuds

Heiress to the Dukedom of Holmfordshire, a sprawling estate that produces 9o% of the UK’s potatoes, and 37th in line to the throne, Jemmima Peel isn't your typical royal. She does what she wants with style, joie de vivre and usually after slipping into something a little more comfortable. Join her in adventures as she mashes her way round stately homes, the busy bustle of London's high society, and in the bedrooms of the ‘Establishment’.

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A Sweet Romance Novella
Opposite Directions

Katy has a Vespa! She absolutely loves those old Italian scooters. They’re so cool and European and Romantic. But for Dylan it’s all about bikes ... you know, save the planet, man! So they seem like absolute worlds apart when they both get a puncture going to the same ‘Pearl Jam Reunion’ concert. How on earth could love flourish set against such impossible odds? I mean they’re literally going in Opposite Directions to the same gig.

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An Almost-Not-A-Wedding Novella
Wonderful Cake

You think you’ve found Mister Right! He has proposed to you in the most romantic of ways, on cruise down the Zambezi. The preperations are all underway for that special day. And then disaster strikes. The fool wants a carrot cake for the Wedding. And everything quickly unravels. Metaphorical cream and cake batter everywhere. The tiny plastic happy couple have tumbled from the top layer. Will they make it back up to the top by Thursday week?

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Jemmima Peel has a New Best Friend ... Now It’s Double Trouble
Shock Society

Jemmima’s best friend, Wilma Socks, is an even more shocking young lady; making her way through British High Society. She bristles with static electricity. Heiress to Claire’s Accessories mega-chain, she’s about to put her best feet forward, in stockings (which annoys her father no end: what’s wrong with good old fashioned socks). Run with her on this journey ... and just make sure you don’t lose one when doing the laundry.

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Kelly Westwood is the author of more than three books; four to be precise. She also writes the ‘Write Sexy and Sweet’ blog. She lives in Faversham, Kent with her loving Husband, Fred. She despises cats, and hates dogs even more, if that’s possible. And don’t get her started on children.

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